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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flight 269 Good Air at last Simms

Good flight....Trimmers-in launch.

55 degrees

Light wind from the NW

High overcast

(no gps track)

I'm getting used to the long take off but I was a little surprised by the way I floated at 10 feet for a while before it finally started to climb. I've been letting the buggy build enough speed to take off without brakes but it might be a good idea to ad some brake and see if it improves the climb.

So...I ventured away from the home field and went over to Bear Creek Park for a look see. I should have tested the foot steering but I think I'll wait until I get some kind of cruise control to free up my hands. Same for the time I get into some decent air the trimmers are going out!

The biggest thing to get used to is the slow run up the power band or maybe it's just flying with less power. Touch and goes are tricky because you have to be powering up for the climb-out before you touch down. Another thing is I don't have the power to do any hard banking turns, it might be better with the trimmers out...I'll have to wait for the next flight.

Next time the wind is coming out of the east I'm going to try the Eden III 28m...if it climbs slow at least I'll have plenty of room to work with.

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