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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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968 Shell Creek

I received an e-mail that SWF Skydive Club received my waiver.  Nothing else, no confirmation that I had their blessing, no list of dos and don'ts, just they received it and forwarded a copy to Richard.  I'll take that as a go ahead and continue to fly.  The DC-3 is leaving today.  Yesterday I chatted with the two Englishmen who are preparing it for the trip.  Good guys who would much rather be flying.

Here are the stats.
Duration        1:14
Altitude          800 ft
Distance        40.6 miles

No Drama.  I flew out past Mike Lange's workplace and on to Arcadia Airport then back to the field.  The winds were from the NE at 10.  Full reflex the whole way.

Monday, March 27, 2017

not really but almost .....Cross Country #967

Beautiful calm morning
59 degrees
3-4 ENE
1hour 36 minutes
53.9 miles
avg altitude 1000 ft.

Great Flight!  After the blowout at Lake Wales it was a pleasure to get in a nice long flight.  I followed a triangle course from Shell Creek to Arcadia Airport and back via Red Neck Yacht Club and Tracks and trails.
No Drama....
The most interesting feature was Carlstrom Field. It was built in the early part of the last century to train pilots for WWI and later WWII.  Back in the day it sported a circular runway for the old bi-planes.  Imagine that?
Over the years it was a juvenile detention facility and insane asylum.  After being abandoned for several years it was sold for 2 million dollars to a motor sports company who were going to use it for a rally car track.  I did see one video on YouTube of a little rice burner, tearing around the abandoned buildings.  The asphalt roads are in poor shape, too narrow and not laid out for good racing.  From the air it looked much better.  Maybe they are going to spend some money and do it up. I'll bet the old runway would be fun for a few laps.

Carlstrom Field today

Sunday, March 12, 2017

966 Shell Creek

No Drama
36 minutes
max altitude 1270
16.6 miles
Light wind at surface 18 mph at 200 ft AGL

Was met at landing by Skydiving Co who informed me that I would not be allowed to fly there any longer.  After a few minutes of chat they told me that I had to have a waiver.  They have (it seems) convinced Richard that I should not be flying there.  I'm not so sure that Frank Moss agrees with them.  I will call Frank tomorrow and send them signed waivers, which I hope will resolve their issues.

Below 200 feet there was a layer of cold bumpy air which prevented me from getting low level video of the bison.
Today I continued experimenting with the go pro on a selfie stick.  below is the video of take off and landing.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

965 Shell Creek

No Drama
55 minutes
Max altitude 2139
30.7 miles
Launch 4-5 SSW
Landing 6-8 E
Played with the GoPro on a selfie stick

The DC-3 has been removed from the hanger and is being crated for shipment to UK.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#964 Shell Creek

Nice 50 Minute flight
Tricky cross wind take off
light Easterly at launch
10 mph from North East at landing

Good Buffalo video today.  I was bringing them in and bunching them up.

Short Bumpy Flight #963

Bumpy Night

#963. Shell Creek

I've been playing invalid for 6 days, nursing a sore groin and sporting a seriously bruised thigh.  The puncture where they inserted the cardiac catheter is barely noticeable and I suspect the whole affair had more impact on my head than anything else.
So after a frustrating day arranging a Doctors appointments and lining up boat detailers,  I jumped into the truck and headed out to the field.  The wind was 7 mph from the west.  In the past I've turned back when faced with launching across the runway and toward the skydiving operation, but today I decided to go for it.
Luck was with me because while I was unloading the wind shifted and I was able to set up more down the runway than across it.  Unfortunately the air was shifty and bumpy all the way up to 1000 feet.    I turned back and landed after 7 minuted.  According to the FlySkyHy App it was indeed lifty sinky air.
No Drama.

I question the max lift and sink rates ... These numbers could be a random bump from the barometer

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Great day of Flying

961 & 962

Got up early and flew Shell Creek.  Great Flight with no Drama
4-5 mph NE
50 minutes
1300 ft msl

John Sieb and I went up to Gaspirilla in the afternoon and flew with Mike Otten, Bob Harrison and Tony.  The winds were 8-10 at the surface and the same at altitude.  It was a very nice flight using the Arrow Cam.  Nice on shore breeze encouraged me to fly over the causeway to Gaspirilla.
No Drama
40 minutes
2500 ft msl   est.  no vario

Friday, February 10, 2017

Shell Creek 960

The plan was John Sieb and possibly Mike Lange would show up.  John backed out due to weather between his place and Shell Creek and Mike needed the sack time.

So.... Back at Shell Creek, the winds were light on the surface and coming from the North East.  I set up on the west side of the runway and launched without Drama.    I noticed light and patchy ground fog on the way out to the field and it seemed to have turned into a layer of patchy clouds at 800 ft.   I got some good chase cam footage and a couple stills from the helmet cam.

Winds continued to build through the morning and were steady 10 at the surface when I landed.

Here is the video ....Music by my dear friend Purnell Steen and his band Le Jazz Machine

Foot dragging the trike

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

958 & 959

958 was only a token flight.
10 minutes
900 ft
Easterly winds
I couldn't launch from Shell Creek because of an Easterly wind across the runway.  I would have had to transit SWF Skydiving and thats not going to happen.   So. I dashed over to Mike's LZ at Peachtree and Veterans.
It was a no frills flight.  The sun had already set so I didn't fool with the iPad or iTunes.  Quick launch and some carving around the field.

950 was 10 minutes after dawn.
50 minutes
I set the alarm for 5:30 and overslept to 6:30.  Light winds from the East built throughout the flight.  Smooth air above.  Strong bumps below 200 feet.