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Sunday, March 12, 2017

966 Shell Creek

No Drama
36 minutes
max altitude 1270
16.6 miles
Light wind at surface 18 mph at 200 ft AGL

Was met at landing by Skydiving Co who informed me that I would not be allowed to fly there any longer.  After a few minutes of chat they told me that I had to have a waiver.  They have (it seems) convinced Richard that I should not be flying there.  I'm not so sure that Frank Moss agrees with them.  I will call Frank tomorrow and send them signed waivers, which I hope will resolve their issues.

Below 200 feet there was a layer of cold bumpy air which prevented me from getting low level video of the bison.
Today I continued experimenting with the go pro on a selfie stick.  below is the video of take off and landing.

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