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Friday, February 10, 2017

Shell Creek 960

The plan was John Sieb and possibly Mike Lange would show up.  John backed out due to weather between his place and Shell Creek and Mike needed the sack time.

So.... Back at Shell Creek, the winds were light on the surface and coming from the North East.  I set up on the west side of the runway and launched without Drama.    I noticed light and patchy ground fog on the way out to the field and it seemed to have turned into a layer of patchy clouds at 800 ft.   I got some good chase cam footage and a couple stills from the helmet cam.

Winds continued to build through the morning and were steady 10 at the surface when I landed.

Here is the video ....Music by my dear friend Purnell Steen and his band Le Jazz Machine

Foot dragging the trike

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