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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#437 Aurora Reservoir

Aurora Reservoir

Beautiful Day!  85 degrees with a light SSE breeze.  
The last flight convinced me that the back pain was caused by flying with my hands positioned too high  The Eden III hooks in with the trim tabs just above the hangpoint loops.  I could reach the brakes with but when flying, I wasn;t able to get my shoulder muscles into play, putting stress on my sterum and upper back. This caused the cartilage in my rib cage to be inflamed which hurt like hell when I took a deep breath and also caused a chronic pain right between my shoulder blades. 

Removed the 12 lb weight from the nose
Moved hangpoints back

Everything was working fine including me.  This was an extremely satisfying flight.  I was able to spend the time enjoying the flight instead of trying to find out why I was hurting.  Now I'll be able to get to know this machine and what I can do.  The 28m wing is fine.  I'm fast so I need a good runway but it turns hard and with the trimmers out it is very sporty.


Hunter said...


I love your photos of the Aurora Reservoir! I am putting on a triathlon at the reservoir and I would love to use one of the photos. If this might be possible my email is and I would love to chat with you about it.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I live near the res. and I am interested in getting into this sport. If you can help please let me know.