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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Shell Creek #910

Feeling good about this morning.  The wind was 5 out of the East.  I launched across the runway and had no trouble leaving the ground before transiting SWFlorida Skydiving.  There was some nasty air for the first 100 feet that I blew through quickly.  The take off felt good after a string of bad and dicey launches.  There was a steady 15 mph between 100 feet and 2200 feet where there was a layer of mild  turbulence.  I worked my way slowly to Track and Trails where I turned back and returned to the field with 50 mph ground speed.  The landing was the similar, there was turbulence at 100 feet, the winds had picked up to 10 gusting to 15.  The landing was almost vertical.

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