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Thursday, September 8, 2016

915 Shell Creek

No Drama.  
Light breeze on the surface, 21-23 mph above tree line.  The new cams on the A'assist 
are holding the lines without slipping but are not easy to adjust under pressure.  After landing I fooled with it and believe the cam tabs might release ... it needs testing.  Today I had to unclip the cam from the A'assist, both were too tight by an inch.  Also.... The tail of the A'assist line needs to be shortened to prevent it looping around the horizontal iron.  
I didn't stay up long, 30 min was enough to satisfy. Landing was sweet but I had to work through swirly air between 200 and 75 agl.
Kited awhile and headed home.
Later I dropped a kiting harness with Tony.  He has his trailer built and is ready to start using his equipment.  We are looking at 3 days for taxi training this week.

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