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Sunday, June 14, 2009

#290 & 291 Last day of Paramotor City Fly-In

Lots of flights

The first flight was with the Eden III and it was absolutely the longest take off I've ever had. I rolled almost the whole length of the field at what should have been a sufficient take off speed, eventually pulling some brake when it looked like I might run out of field. The climb was slow but "It's All Good".

Second flight I used the Power Play and the take off was faster. I concentrated on keeping a little more brake pressure and sure enough the turns were much better and I felt much more in command of the wing. I remember Eric Dufore telling me once. The wing does not fly you...YOU FLY THE WING. I've decided to keep it because the problem wasn't with the Power Play...just the way I was flying it.

Keven Kelsey and I flew side by side for awhile but I was considerably faster so it didn't last long. This flight I made it a point to fly the Rio and stay low enough to take in the detail. It's dry right now but you could see that when its running, it goes fast and is chewing away at the sides. There were huge land falls where thousands of tons of earth had fallen this spring.

The air was so still that the only place you would notice a bump was near the LZ and that was from other pilots stirring up the air.

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