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Friday, July 29, 2016


No Drama
1:08 Flight time
1755 max altitude
36 miles covered
Notes:  The trim cams are slipping unless I pull the cam arm and "set" the trims.  After landing I noticed that the left side was half out. 
 Falcon is grounded due to a broken weld at the top of the inner cage ring.   Time to visit Mike Lange and perhaps talk to Terry about building a new airframe.  The whipping knot held it together but I noticed that the broken welds were not far away from cutting the lines.  I doubt it would have held for very long.  It's a good looking knot but not good for this purpose.  Perhaps, if I overlayed it with a second whip .....

Once again the wing overshot and crashed in front of the trike.  Nice flight .... Wide ranging 

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