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Monday, July 4, 2016

No Fly Day

This is the second line strike in a month.  I think it's happening because the line keepers on the cage are holding the lines tightly together.  When the A's are immediately tensioned they might be throwing other lines out of the keeper while they are still slack.  The outside may be very slack.  The chevron layout exacerbates this and one part of the cure may be to layout the wing in a slight curve.  Another thing I'm going to try is to inlay a zip tie inside the keeper so that the lines are laying in the crook instead of being gripped against the cage.
During inflation I heard or perhaps sensed the line strike.  I didn't immediately abort and instead kept accelerating.  I looked at the lines and remarkably saw the damaged one.  It was intact but the sheath was severed.  That's when I aborted.  On inspection I could have continued the flight.  The damaged line was the far outside Main D which does not carry a heavy load and is backed up by the brake lines.  However,  I could not have know at the time so it was the right thing to do.  

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