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Saturday, January 28, 2017

#Flight 956 Shell Creek & Harbor 20 Sailing on Port Charlotte with Mike and Marsha.

Overcast 56 degrees 
NW Wind 3mph at surface
         15-20mph at altitude
Bumpy Thermal layer at 200 feet

Good launch.  I made it a point to pay more attention to the wing during inflation.  Partly because the iPad obscures the mirror but also because I'd noticed, over time I'd been depending too much on the mirror.  I was launching straight forward without the proper concern for how the wing was lifting.  
I'd been using the brute weight of the trike to counterbalance the wing while it stabilized.  When I should have been moving slightly under the wing and braking the high side.  
The Falcon is very forgiving and I was getting lazy.
I noticed for the first time, people at the gun range, it might have been concerning except that, there were cattle down range.  No worries about Bubba taking a pot shot at my wing today.

Anyway.... nice little flight around the patch.  I tried the Hero clamped to the foot bar.  I I fear, there was too much vibration for the stabilization to correct.  ..... we will,see.

Overshot first landing and had to go around.

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