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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#346 & #347 Titan

Calm at Dawn....
Sunrise brought a South East wind. I launched with the Eden III. It was mildly bumpy but not to bad so I decided to go for it. I stayed up for 40 minutes and took a few shots of the marina. There was a steady wind across most of the surface, and possibly more there than at 1000 feet AGL. The RC Airport had one car in the lot and no sign of anybody getting ready to fly. Someday I would love to do a touch and go on their runway. Maybe I can bribe the gatekeeper! :) When I got back to the field the wind had shifted to South West and bumpy. At 100 feet the wing started to oscillate but it corrected in time for a safe 3 point landing.

Steve pulled in right after I landed and he convinced me to go up again. The launch was just the way I liked it. I was able to get allot of speed on the smooth surface and when the wings was fully loaded and begging to fly I popped some brake and zoomed into the sky. It remind me of launching at Monument Valley last summer. Gawd I love a good runway!

It was swinging me all over the place so I landed after about 10 minutes. Even then, I aborted the first landing when the wind shifted 180 degrees. Steve went up and flew another 30 minutes. He said if you go directly west it's calm over there. I'll have to remember that.

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